Thinking about getting a doula? Do it! We first heard about Evangeline from my cousin, Erin. She gushed over how amazing she was and how she was able to ease her delivery. The idea of having someone there to help me every step of the way and help ease my pain level sounded like a plan to me! Evangeline met with us weeks before the delivery to help us set up a birth plan, which was something neither one of us had ever heard of. We weren't able to go to Lamaze classes due to our work schedule, so having Evangeline talk us through everything to expect the day of the delivery was exactly what we needed! She recommended things we could do to ease the pain of contractions while laboring at home, what to pack, how many hours ahead of time we needed to get to the hospital, who we wanted in the room with us, etc. You name it, she's thought of it! Thanks to Evangeline's helpful tricks, I was able to endure painful back-labor at home all the way up until 6cm dilated! Having Evangeline at the hospital eased every bit of anxiety I was experiencing - I knew she was in control of the situation so everything would be OK! Everyone, myself included, was preoccupied with making sure the baby got out safely. And while that was a priority of Evangeline's, she really made sure I (the Mom) was doing OK! She fed me ice chips, explained everything the doctor and nurses were saying, made sure my hair looked okay (ha! that was one of my silly requests), held my hand while I pushed, and encouraged me along the way. She even took some family pictures for us the day of the delivery! Having Evangeline as our doula made our delivery day go smoothly and she has continued to encourage us as parents while dealing with a very colicky baby. It doesn't matter what time, day or night, she is there for us and is someone I can trust with anything. I HIGHLY recommend her for your doula!


What stood out the most about our experiences with Evangeline was her understanding of our birth vision and ability to be helpful when needed and simply a peaceful presence when not. My husband and I attended Bradley Method Childbirth Classes, so we wanted to know that no one on our birth team would interfere with my husband's ability to be my coach. Evangeline helped my husband to be able to completely focus on me from unloading the car and setting up our supplies to taking over for a few minutes to allow him to eat and change. She made small suggestions, but mostly, it was just a comfort that she was there every step of the way. At one point, I expressed intense pressure on my back during contractions. Evangeline knew just what to do in order to help the baby into a better position to relieve the pain. From then on, my labor progressed quickly. With her guidance, support, and confidence, we had a beautiful home birth. She stayed with us afterward to help us communicate with family, breastfeed successfully, rest and recuperate. I know I can still contact her with postpartum recovery and breastfeeding questions. She is always eager to answer and thrilled with every little success. Evangeline was the perfect fit for our little family.


Evangeline and I clicked right away. Our first prenatal visit, she brought a book from her lending library to help answer my questions I had expressed. The book was just what I needed, and I devoured it the very next day. She met with me and my husband and stayed in constant contact, brainstorming birth plans and preferences and answering questions. I had a goal of having a natural, drug-free childbirth, and I attained that goal with Evangeline's help. She met me and my husband at my home and helped me get through the first part of labor by suggesting position changes and helping me to stay calm. Once I got to the hospital, she maintained the calm atmosphere of our room and made sure my husband was also cared for. I feel like Evangeline's confidence in me, knowledge of birth, and calm presence helped me achieve the positive birth experience I wanted. Evangeline helped my transition into motherhood be less stressful by keeping in close contact the first few weeks and referring me to other local resources. I am so glad my husband and I had her with us through it all.



I don't think our birth experience would have been as good as it was without Evangeline! She offered amazing support during the pregnancy, labor, and above and beyond postpartum. My husband was especially impressed and grateful for the time she spent with us and answering his questions when we first met with her. We were very grateful for her presence during the labor process; because he knew I was in good hands with Evangeline my husband could take the breaks he needed. I was very grateful for the foot rubs and positioning knowledge, techniques to help labor along, among other things! She anticipated our needs and helped me achieve my goal of not using an epidural for pain relief. Her calm spirit and knowing she was praying us through really made a difference! Post partum, she has been a wealth of knowledge and a sane voice in the midst of the crazy first days and weeks of adjusting to life with a newborn and my healing body and raging hormones. I highly recommend using a doula for your labor experience and I will always recommend Evangeline as an invaluable team member - I will be enlisting her help when I have future babies! 



One of the biggest factors in me deciding whether or not to hire Evangeline was how my family was going to respond to me bringing someone else on. I was worried that I would step on their toes or make them feel like I was trying to replace them. As soon as they met Evangeline, they realized she was not going to try to replace them at all, but was only going to try to help, inform, and encourage all of us. They immediately appreciated her presence and knowledge. Most of all, when they were emotional, Evangeline provided an objective perspective, which was invaluable as we made decisions. I wanted a natural childbirth, and Evangeline answered questions, gave me resources, and helped me plan for my natural childbirth. My due date came and went, and my body continued to show more and more signs of preeclampsia. We tried an induction, but my body did not respond at all. I just wouldn't go into labor. Evangeline listened and helped me and my husband talk about our options, ask the doctor questions, and encouraged us to follow what we felt to be the best choice for me and my baby. We decided to have a C-section. Evangeline then helped us know what to expect, what questions to ask, what things to request, and how my husband could best support me. We had a gentle, peaceful C-section, and my beautiful baby boy was born. We were able to have immediate skin-to-skin contact and breastfeed. Evangeline's attention, knowledge, and encouragement did not stop after delivery. She continued to check in, refer me to resources, and encourage me through my breastfeeding issues well after our last postpartum visit. Evangeline's outgoing personality was exactly what my family needed to feel comfortable and at ease. She adapted to every situation and made sure I felt comfortable and informed in all my decisions. I think the most important thing she provided for us was the wealth of knowledge before, during, and after delivery. I can't imagine what the experience would have been like without her guidance every step of the way.