Please visit to find out more about my doula services.  I am so pleased to announce that Courageous Motherhood, LLC, is now working with Pensacola Birth Services, LLC, to service our clients.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I need a doula if I have other support like my husband, mother, friend, sister, etc?

I encourage however much or however little support people a mother wants. The difference between a doula and everyone else is her training, experience, and professional relationship to the client. My philosophy is that if members of the support team want to be involved, I will guide them in how they can best support whether it's how to massage, tips on acupressure, when to use a cool washcloth to dab a brow, and so on. The effect of doulas versus other team members has been researched and found to improve outcomes of birth from decreasing the likelihood of C-section to decreasing the overall length of labor. Doulas are just as much a support for team members as they are for the mother. I make sure they are able to take a bathroom break, eat, or simply know that the laboring mother is okay. It is my responsibility to provide the tools and confidence necessary to any member of the birth team and guide them through the experience.

Q. What sets you apart from other doulas?

This area is blessed with so many options for doulas. I work closely with many of these amazing doulas and utilize them as back up. Some differences are

  • My knowledge and training in pregnancy fitness, the female pelvis, and optimal fetal positioning

  • My openness to support a mother no matter if she chooses natural (unmedicated) childbirth or not

  • My experience working in all hospitals as well as in the home and with many care providers

  • My experience with many different methods of childbirth as well as training in childbirth hypnosis

Q. What if you are at another birth or get sick when I go into labor?

The Pensacola area has an amazing network of professional doulas. I always have backup arranged whether I have one mother due or three. Babies come when babies come. It is wise to always have reliable backup. Make sure when interviewing doulas, they have adequate backup coverage and a good relationship with fellow doulas in the area.

Q. Will you still support me if I want an epidural?

Yes. I will never make choices for you, speak for you, or judge you based on your decision. I encourage you to be confident and autonomous. I have attended births both with and without epidurals. Ultimately, I support you and safeguard your childbirth experience. I believe that as your doula, I should serve without a personal agenda. I encourage you to seek evidence-based information on choices such as whether or not to use an epidural and make educated decisions based on that information.

Q. How do you work with other members of my health care team: doctors, midwives, nurses?

I have always been welcomed into a birthing room and approved by medical staff. I have maintained a good reputation with providers because I am strict with what is within my scope of practice. I am not a medical care provider, they are. I have worked many times cohesively with amazing care providers to provide excellent care. My job is to complement their medical expertise by providing continuous support and nonmedical care. I respect and value the medical staff you have chosen to attend your birth. It is a crucial part of my role to create and maintain good relationships with your medical provider(s) to facilitate a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere for your birthing experience.

Q. What if I can't afford to hire a doula?

I offer payment plans upon request along with additional discounts you may qualify for. If a payment plan is still not feasible, I can refer you to other training doulas that may offer their services at a greater discount. If you desire a doula, contact me, and I will do my absolute best to help you get the support you want and need regardless of your financial situation.

Q. How can a doula support me if I have a C-section?

A doula guides you through what to expect during a C-section and helps your partner know how to best support you. She can also guide you through planning and communicating with your birth team about desires for a gentle C-section. She provides much needed postpartum support as you recover from your surgery. Some of the other things I have done when attending a C-section were make sure there was adequate video and picture coverage to show the mother afterward, coach the mother and father through questions to ask in order to be well-informed and get the care they need, keep the family and friends informed, and support the family and talk them through the process.

Q. Aren't doulas for first-time mothers?

I believe each time you give birth, you become a mother all over again. Mothers who did not have a doula for their first or subsequent children often hire a doula for several reasons; the primary one is that they want a better experience than they had before. Because every birth and baby is different, you can never anticipate what your experience may be both in the birth and postpartum periods. I also have experience supporting mothers in their pursuit of a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). These mothers are more likely to have a successful VBAC when they have the support of a doula.