Courageous Motherhood in Retrospect

Man Oh Man! What a year! I am FINALLY getting around to celebrating and releasing 2014, and I have to say, it is so easy to feel down about all the things you did not accomplish--until you are forced to reflect on the things you did. I have to remind myself that it was only in 2014 that I even obtained my doula certification. I looked at each individual case I worked with. Each family, each baby, each mom. Each new connection I made with another mompreneur. Each new connection I made with a care provider. Each new life I became a part of. Since I pretty much started 2014 with very little, all these relationships, these multiple and expanding and empowering relationships make me feel like the Queen of England. 


When I did my reflection of last year, it was not the income or the followers on Facebook or the testimonials or the number of births or any other measurable accomplishment that I realized I was thankful for. It was my relationships with all of you wonderful people. Literally, when I set out to create my page of gratitude, the first thing I wrote and what I could not stop inscribing was the PEOPLE.

You MADE my year. You made me count last year for Courageous Motherhood a success. Each mama I cried and laughed with. Each mom who reached out and asked a question that lead to a meaningful conversation. Each mom who showed me complete strength and fortitude. Each mom who did what it took to bring forth life in a loving environment that was right for her and her family. Each mom who taught me a lesson in loving, giving, receiving, nourishing, building, and thriving. Know that I appreciate each and every one of you. I tell every one of my clients that it was an unbelievable honor to serve them because it is. If only you knew what kind of gift it has been to just know and witness your journey. 

If you haven't yet, I encourage you to do what I just did! What did you accomplish last year? How did you grow? How were you blessed? I guarantee you that what you will discover is that you are your own hero, rockstar, and did amazing life-changing things. 

May you have peace and strength, but above all else, may you have COURAGE! 

Love, Your Doula