Ashlyn's Testimonial

What made you decide to hire a doula? I wanted to possibly have a natural childbirth and, for certain, a VBAC, and I felt she was going to be vital to me reaching those goals.


What did I do to help you prepare for your VBAC? She gave me exercises to help me prepare my body for the labor, and I believe they truly made a difference when it came time for me to deliver. 

What stood out to you about your prenatal care? Evangeline was always available for whatever I may need via text answering my questions and helping me know what was going on with my body throughout my pregnancy/labor.  

How did I help you cope during labor? Evangeline helped me remain focused during my labor and never lose sight of what my body was capable of which helped me reach my goal of natural childbirth. 

Would you have been able to have your VBAC without me or do you feel like I was an essential part of your success? I think having Evangeline on my labor team made a great difference for me having a successful VBAC because of her support and keeping me motivated and focused. 

How have I helped you after delivery? Evangeline has helped me knowing how to help myself recover easier and with some breastfeeding advice etc. having her as a resource if I am wondering about anything nursing or postpartum recovery related questions has been very helpful and comforting. 

If someone is on the fence about hiring a doula, what is one thing you might tell them to persuade them to hire a doula? I would encourage them that a doula is a good option for anyone whether it is their first pregnancy or not, especially for someone trying to reach the natural childbirth goal. A doula is a great option, especially a wonderful doula like Evangeline! 

How did I help your husband? She helped me because I knew my wife had a good support person that she needed during her labor especially in the beginning stages of labor, keeping her comfortable and helping her understand what was going on throughout her labor.