Please visit to find out more about my doula services.  I am so pleased to announce that Courageous Motherhood, LLC, is now working with Pensacola Birth Services, LLC, to service our clients.  

About Me

 Photo Credit: Annalisa Holmes

Photo Credit: Annalisa Holmes

     I'm Evangeline Schepper, the founder of Courageous Motherhood, LLC. I joined the proud ranks of motherhood in 2012 with the birth of my son. Since then, I have continued to be inspired by the strength, devotion, and persistence of the fellow mothers I have been so honored to serve. I am a native to the Pensacola area and feel a strong connection to this community. I married my grade-school crush and best friend who is also a Panhandle native. We love this area and can think of no place better to raise our family. 

     I am a "retired" secondary education teacher. I adored the classroom, my students, and my subject, but I felt pulled in another direction after my son was born. I feel a calling to support mothers and families in the childbearing years. To say I am passionate about improving women's chances of a better birth and motherhood experience is an understatement. I aim to do everything in my power to encourage, inspire, and empower all my courageous mothers.


Mission Statement

Courageous Motherhood aims to encourage women during their childbearing years by inspiring them with positivity, building them up with confidence, believing in their ability to achieve their desires, and providing them with the tools and resources to succeed.



  • DONA Labor Doula Training

  • Infant Massage Workshop

  • Birth Trauma Workshop

  • CAPPA Pregnancy Fitness Educator Workshop


  • Completion of DONA Labor Doula Certification

  • Hypno-Doula Certification

  • Lactation Basics for Health Care Professionals

  • Belly Binding and Sealing Training

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Core Values

  • I believe that all mothers and their partners have a right to excellent care if they wish to pursue it.

  • I believe in a woman's autonomy, her ability to self-govern and find her voice.

  • I believe all care should be woman-centered. My personal agenda has no place in the service of a family. 

  • I believe in the sanctity of the birth experience. I will do everything I can to protect this sanctity.

  • I believe in providing women with continuous support. I am the only care provider that will provide pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care in its entirety.

  • I believe in the need for multiple resources for the childbearing years. I am not the end all, be all. I commit an enormous amount of time to finding resources for my courageous mothers.

  • I believe in the important support of the father, partner, or other family member. I do not aim to replace any member of a mother's birth team. I aim to help, encourage, and care for each member so that they can serve the mother to the best of their ability and have a positive memory of their experience. 

  • I also believe in the authority of other care providers such as doctors and nurses. I will not speak on a mother's behalf or challenge these care providers.