Please visit to find out more about my doula services.  I am so pleased to announce that Courageous Motherhood, LLC, is now working with Pensacola Birth Services, LLC, to service our clients.  

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My name is Evangeline Schepper, and I am a DONA-certified Labor Doula serving Pensacola, Pace, Milton, and surrounding areas, with experience in both hospital and home births. I would be honored to serve you as you continue your journey through motherhood. My mission is to make your childbearing experience the absolute best it can be by providing you and your family complete support. I hope to inspire you to be strong, be courageous, and be the best mother you can be. 


Let me help you

  • Feel prepared and confident about your birth

  • Maintain a peaceful, positive birth environment

  • Make sure you have a voice

  • Decrease the length and discomfort of birth

  • Begin your journey as a mother with confidence, knowledge, and courage

Imagine the unpredictability of labor and motherhood no longer caused you anxiety because you had a tool that prepared you to meet the unexpected with confidence and courage. What is that tool? Me! 


"I highly recommend using a doula for your labor experience and I will always recommend Evangeline as an invaluable team member - I will be enlisting her help when I have future babies!" - Debbi Patti


A meet and greet to answer your questions, get an idea of your birth vision, and see if I am a good fit for your birth team.

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